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Wagon-Service JSC implements the investment program directed at reconstruction and modernization of the washing and painting facilities belonging to the Russian Railways. In the period of 2011-2016 there will be modernized 9 washing complexes and 3 painting complexes. The rated capacity of the modernized washing complexes will reach 300 carriages per day each, washing and painting complexes will be operated all year round and secure high quality of washing and painting all year through.

In July 2012 there was completed the first Wagon-Service’s investment program directed at reconstruction of the washing complex in Samara passenger depot, Kuybishevskiy branch of the Federal passenger company OJSC

This is the first in Russia washing complex, where a modern technology of two-stage washing with the use of acid-based solutions on the first stage and alkaline-based solutions on the second stage was introduced, which enables enhancement of effectiveness and quality of rolling stock cleaning of all types of dirt. Besides, this technology preserves paint coating, as alkaline neutralises acid particles that remain on a carriage body after washing. For roof washing there is applied a patented by Bersch & Fratscher system of spinning nozzles with zero-angle spraying, which provides for effective cleaning of a carriage’s roof. Effective washing of a carriage’s slopes is reached owing to a specially-designed brushes profile that repeats the shape of the carriage’s sides. Bersch & Fratscher washing equipment also provides for wax coating application to the carriage body after all detergents are rinsed off, this enables effective carriage body drying after washing, as well as enhancement of protective and anticorrosive properties of carriage paint coatings. Availability of autonomous pre-wash arches for multi-stage heating and cooling a carriage’s body allows washing carriages at the ambient temperature down to -20° С.

Washing equipment produced by the German company Bersch & Fratscher is installed in the washing complex.

20 trains per day can be washed at the reconstructed washing complex at any time of day and year.

The washing complex automatic control system enables sequence of technological operations that was set by an operator, choice of an optimal washing mode, a possibility of remote switching-off separate arches and washing modes, as well as detection deviations from the pre-determined mode of the equipment operation.

A video control and washing process recording system is installed in the washing complex, as well as a system for automatic accounting of the washed carriages.

The installed in the washing complex recycling water system provides possibilities for reduction of pure water consumption, and the water treatment system enables purification of source, circulation and sewage water from admixtures, hard particles and harmful substances in compliance with all ecological norms.

20 trains per day can be washed at the reconstructed washing complex at any time of day and year.

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