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JSC Wagon-Service policy for purchasing guarantees equal terms of cooperation for both Russian and foreign suppliers of equipment, construction materials, consumables, different kinds of services required for company’s operation. Our relations with partners are based on transparency, openness, confidence and mutual benefit.

You can submit your business offer for certain groups of goods and services. You can include the following information along with the offer:

  • your company’s history, experience and achievements;
  • conditions for supplies (prices, terms, volumes, discounts);
  • technical data and specifications for the goods offered;
  • certificates, specifications and letters required by law;
  • electronic brochures,  presentations, demonstration footage.

For further information please contact our Logistics and Purchasing Department:
Ph.: +7 (495) 231 16 80, e-mail:

ZAO Wagon Service
24, build 2, Radio
105005 Moscow
Ph.: +7 (495) 231-16-80
Fax: +7 (495) 231-12-41