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Integrated rolling-stock washing technology with acidic and alkaline solutions

Modern washing facilities are able to function in any of our country’s climate zones. They also have a high output and provide reliable and quality rolling stock washing; they meet all environmental requirements and provide necessary economical effectiveness.

Rolling stock suffers from different environmental factors during its service life. Carriage body usually gets soiled with:

  • dust particles from gravel and upper ballast;
  • road dust;
  • metallic dust generated by wheel pairs and brake shoes abrasion;
  • oil and dirt sediments formed by exhaust products of diesel locomotives.

Under the influence of natural atmosphere, water, oxygen and sun radiation this soiling forms a solid film on painted surface. Hot water and washing solutions, commonly used in Russia, are not enough to remove this film. These kinds of soiling require special carriage-washing equipment that lets to perform all-season rolling stock treatment and maintenance, using modern acidic and alkaline washing solutions.

Using its operational facilities, JSC Wagon-Service carries out rolling stock washing, which comprises of the following technological operations:

  1. Body and roof pre-washing – to remove dust in summer and ice in winter. Body surfaces heating or cooling (depending on the season) by cold or hot water.
  2. Spraying acidic washing solution followed by waiting time (3 minutes or more) to let it affect the soiling.
  3. Mechanical soiling elimination with rotating brushes.
  4. Additional body moistening with sprayed water to prevent acidic solution from drying.
  5. Body rinsing with reused water, concurrently treating the surface with brushes to neutralize the rest of the acidic solution.
  6. Spraying alkaline washing solution, concurrently treating the surface with rotating brushes to eliminate greasy spots.
  7. Body rinsing with reused water, concurrently treating the surface with brushes.
  8. Body rinsing with tap water to remove residual soiling.
  9. Final treatment with compressed air to remove water drops and damp patches in winter.

The measures listed above result in following improvements:

  • significant coating service life expansion, thus it helps to save on costs of annual rolling stock repainting;
  • guaranteed higher standards for carriages appearance;
  • significant reduction of environmental impact;
  • lower energy consumption and natural resources saving;
  • minimized human labor involvement in potentially dangerous operations.

All of Wagon-Service divisions utilize materials and technologies that are fully certified and recommended for use on railroads.

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